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Thailand's Largest 

Angel Investment Group 




Founded in 2014, Bangkok Venture Club is a collection of highly successful investors, executives, and entrepreneurs in Thailand and Southeast Asia.  


Members include business leaders, with deep expertise across multiple domains including finance, real estate, transportation, retail, food, energy, telecom, advertising, law, government policy, education, insurance, software, electronics, and media.


The group's objective is to identify and support seed and early stage businesses that can benefit from the experience, contacts, and investment capital of its individual members.

         2019 Calendar

(Screening Meetings are internal only)

24 Jan     19:00 - 22:00    Screening Meeting

30 Jan     19:00 - 22:00    Screening Meeting

13 Feb    18:00 - 21:30    General Meeting

*5 Mar     18.00 - 21.30   HBS Edition GM

21 Mar      19:00 - 22:00    Screening Meeting

28 Mar      19:00 - 22:00    Screening Meeting

18 Apr      18:00 - 21:30    General Meeting

23 May      19:00 - 22:00    Screening Meeting

30 May      19:00 - 22:00    Screening Meeting

13 Jun       18:00 - 21:30    General Meeting

25 Jul         19:00 - 22:00    Screening Meeting

1 Aug         19:00 - 22:00    Screening Meeting

15 Aug      18:00 - 21:30    General Meeting

*** Note: Updated 25 Sep 2019 ***

17 Oct       19:00 - 22:00    Screening Meeting

24 Oct       19:00 - 22:00    Screening Meeting

7 Nov       18:00 - 21:30    General Meeting


* Please check website and email announcements for updates as future dates are subject to change in the event of unforeseen circumstances 


If you are a start-up (seed) or early stage company, and you are seeking funding and/or management experience, we may be your future.  Most companies we fund are seeking to raise an investment round of 100,000 to 3 million baht either preferred stock or convertible notes.  Our members prefer to be the initial investor and often take a board seat. 


We are contacted on a regular basis by many people and companies.  Because we are only able to invite three companies to our bi-monthly dinners, we must carefully select those people and companies that meet our strict guidelines.


The best way to “get our attention” is by a referral from one of our members or someone we trust.


Visit this site regularly as we will eventually provide additional guidelines and resources to assist you. 



Members of the Bangkok Venture Club are some of SE Asia’s most respected business leaders and private investors who come from a wide range of backgrounds including angel investors, active and retired business executives, and serial entrepreneurs.  In some cases, the knowledge and experience of these members helps assist the invested companies with business strategy, team building, and follow-on fund raising.  The combined talent of our members offers each investor access to a wealth of experiences and information.  Meetings are presented in English only.


Benefits of Membership:


  • Investors – Because of our membership requirements, the majority of our members are seasoned and experienced investors. This creates a group where members exchange information and ideas about possible present and future investments.


  • Deal Flow – Because of BangkokVC’s member history of making investments; and association with incubators, accelerators, industry associations, and other industry groups, BangkokVC has deal flow that may help a member save time in sourcing investment opportunities.


Screening Committee


Surawat Promyotin

Robert Lomnitz

Mark Wolf

Chavapas Ongmahutmongkol

Nick Pisalyaput

Graham Brain

Paul Suthapong

June Kuvinichkul

Pawoot Pongvitayapanu

Nichapat Ark

Dr. Avudh Ploysongsang

Akara Udomsin

Screen Shot 2561-11-09 at 3.02.55 PM.png

Thierry Lovenbach

Olivier Lesca


Venture Club

Bangkok Venture Club, Ltd.

1168/58 Lumpini Tower, 21st Floor

Rama 4 Road, Tungmahamek

Sathorn, Bangkok, Thailand 10120



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